Telehealth – A Much Needed Solution for the Rural Physician Shortage

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In many rural areas, patients are forced to travel hundreds of miles to get proper care for their health conditions. The right solution for this problem is to use telehealth technology to connect rural health centers to doctors who can provide care remotely, as was done in this health clinic in Northern California.

Physician shortage problems can be addressed and fixed with telehealth. In the US, reimbursement for telehealth services is growing every year, and has always been more comprehensive for shortage areas. In 2018, the FCC increased its budget for rural telehealth from $400M to $571M—a 43% increase. Governments around the world are creating digital rural health initiatives and increasing funding to promote the use of telemedicine.

CureCompanion’s telemedicine software platform has been designed with rural health in mind. Our video platform works well in low-resource environments, and supports telemedicine exams with the help of a local trained medical assistant. Contact us to learn more.