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Next-level Precision Telemedicine

Unlimited Plan at $29 per Month

To help doctors and patients cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering our unlimited plan to medical practices at $29 per month. Sign up now to provide telehealth visits to your patients!

Apps for Telemedicine

Easy-to-use mobile and web apps for providers, professionals, and patients. Full suite of features including HD video calls, appointments, patient records, and SOAP notes.

Telemedicine Cart

Enterprise-grade cart with 1080p HD cameras and real-time medical devices that work with the CureCompanion software platform to enable in-depth virtual exams.

Portable Telemedicine Kit

Lightweight and sleek portable kit with 2-in-1 tablet and real-time medical devices that work with the CureCompanion software platform to enable in-depth virtual exams on-the-go.

Creating a more intelligent patient care environment with telemedicine technology.

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Testimonials from our valued customers
Amanda Grey

Amanda Grey

COO, West Carroll Health Systems

"CureCompanion's telemedicine solution has worked perfectly. Our providers are now able to connect with patients who previously did not have access and provide them with quality, reliable health care. CureCompanion is proving to be an invaluable partner in expanding our health care services."

Dr. Andrew Rosenson

Dr. Andrew Rosenson

CEO, Maxwell Telecare

"CureCompanion's telemedicine cart solution works beautifully to help us diagnose residents at our SNFs. We have been able to reduce readmission rates and improve patient satisfaction using CureCompanion's technology. Their solution is comprehensive and does the job right."

Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson

Executive Director and Co-founder, eHealth Africa

"CureCompanion powers our telemedicine program at EHA Clinics in Kano, Nigeria. They help our patients consult with specialist doctors from India and the US without having to leave our clinic."

Dr. Sanjay Trivedi

Dr. Sanjay Trivedi

Dr. Trivedi's Arthroscopy Clinic, Ahmedabad, India

"CureCompanion's telemedicine platform helps me see patients who are in remote villages with no specialist care available."

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