Telepsychiatry with FasPsych

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We are happy to announce a partnership with FasPsych for telepsychiatry and behavioral health services. FasPsych is a Scottsdale, Arizona based company with approximately 100 psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs providing services in 17 states. Their providers conduct around 15,000 telepsychiatry visits per month, with services to outpatient clinics, inpatient units, residential treatment programs and correctional facilities.

FasPsych will be providing telepsychiatry services to long-term care as well as rural health facilities using our CureCompanion telemedicine platform. We are excited to work with Abraham Barton and his team to bring telepsychiatry to more places in need.

According to FasPsych, 1 in 5 adult Americans has a mental health condition, but most Americans still lack access to care. 56% of American adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment. Even in Maine, the state with the best access, 41.4% of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment. There is a serious mental health workforce shortage. In states with the lowest workforce, the number of providers per patient is up to six times lower than in other areas. This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and psychiatric nurses combined.

We are proud to collaborate with FasPsych to improve mental health through telepsychiatry. Our technology platform will enable FasPsych’s providers to remotely assess and provide counsel to patients in need, especially in facilities and areas which have limited access. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit patients and facilities across the United States.